Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Recreating Luella....

I've noticed that if there's one designer the high street have really latched onto it's Luella. Perhaps it's because it's easy for the high street to create a recognisable homage, all they need is pastel colours and netted bows. This is no bad thing as most of us will never be able to afford our own Luella dress. Here's a quick Polyvore set I made of some key pieces for a Luella style look....

luella style edit
luella style edit by Gwendoline Curl on Polyvore.com

French Connection seem to lead the way, they also have some rick-rack detailed dresses which echo Luella's last season (the ones Alexa Chung was always seen wearing). The navy dress with the tiered skirt and one shoulder seems to be a direct lift of a dress I've seen Zooey Deschanel in (I hear she's engaged to Ben Gibbard from deathcab lol).

I also had a go at designing my own Luella tribute frocks on Styleshake...Attach a bow to your hair and maybe a Chanel-esque short jacket and you're off....well kinda.

I also looked into a more vintage inspired take on the trend for sacharine colours...

This lovely Vivien of Holloway Pink Gingham halter (£59) fits the bill nicely (I really want a VofH dress)

Or this cute Bettie Page Clothing 'Peggy' Dress (£60) (UK stockist here, fab shop!)

So there you have it, I expect to see Luella clones stalking the streets in a matter of minutes...ha ha.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Short Ebay Post!

I am going to do another post after this but thought I'd separate them out as this is a bit of advertising!

I'm selling some bits on ebay to earn some much needed cash!
This is the link to all of my items

Some photos of the goods...

So there's a selection of authentic vintage dresses, plus some vintage inspired ones, a vintage longline bra, a girdle and some H&M Trend dresses plus other bits! Have a Look!