Sunday, 14 June 2009

Vintage style shoes on the High Street...

Right, to get down to business, this summer I have been mostly obsessed with footwear. In particular getting good 1950's style shoes to wear with my dresses. Previous summers have seen me wear 1950's style bobby socks with my shoes, be them flat brogues or t bar shoes. This way of wearing my winter shoes through out the year has served me pretty well, but inevitably I'm tiring of this and want to get some proper sandal style shoes, or perhaps in particular peep toe shoes preferably with wedges which were popular in the 40's and 50's.

If money were no object I would look away from the high street and to this lovely site: Remix Shoes.

This site is literally dripping with gorgeous shoes, all vintage reproductions, here's a few pics of my faves...

Well it's unlikely I'll ever get my hands on any of these so I look to more modest means of getting a vintage look..... Clarks! ha

Perhaps I'm going nuts but I could really go for some of these...

Slightly grannyish but quite authentic: see here

Bit more 1960's but I still like: see here

More 1940's formal (perhaps would be better without strap but I need straps or else shoes like this tend to fall off!) see here
And these are quite nice and chunky and come in a variety of colours: see here

So there's my selection from Clarks. I've found myself in lots of less 'trendy' stores in my hunt for this kind of shoe, M&S and places like BHS also had some cheaper but less appealing (to me) options.

However I'm sad to say that my shoe splurge actually happened at the rather trendy Office a while ago after having a summer shoe panic. I purchased these two pairs which are both going strong so far...

Link here

Link here
They're not massively authentic but they do have nice little vintage details. They were very expensive but I got a discount as I bought the 2 pairs together.

I think I may go to Clarks and have a look at some of the above in the flesh, and if the summer weather continues perhaps buy yet more shoes...!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Finishing up my degree has meant this blog has become very quiet!

I aim to amp things up again with lots more posts very soon!

I've haven't given up my constant perusal of fashion sites and therefore do have lots of ideas for posts just need to get back into the swing of things again....