Saturday, 31 October 2009

Current Desire: A Fabulous Turban!

(Pics from Google images)

Earlier this year I went to a place called Lewes which is just outside of Brighton. Like Brighton it has quite a bohemian feel and as such had a rather lovely antique and second hand market.

At one of the stalls I tried on a fabulous turban, I fawned over it but in a moment of stupidity didn't buy it! (I was trying to be sensible, I wasn't sure where one would wear a turban...)

A few months ago I watched The Red Shoes and saw a turban on one of the characters; her black hair flowing out from under it (in my head you had to put all your hair in the turban but I've seen quite a few pictures with the hair outside).

And again recently while pouring over vintage Vogues in the library I've seen yet more and now I'm determined to get one!

I've also found that on etsy you can buy patterns for knitting your own turbans, see here , you can knit a matching muff as well!

(pic from etsy listing)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Back Very Soon!

I have proper internet in my new home as of today so blogging should start again imminently!

I got my hair done at Nina's hair parlour last week, I shall have to engineer some photos of my new do, still getting to grips with curling devices though!