Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dior Couture s/s 09

(photos from catwalk queen)

I watched a programme on Couture on BBC4 the other week. It was really interesting, it focused mainly on trying to discover who exactly these people were who were able to buy these insanely expensive clothes. Hardly any of them agreed to appear on camera except the relative newcomers who were mostly American. It seems like such a cliquey world, but I understand that such a specialised traditional way of producing clothes needs this exclusivity to survive - it's exclusivity and uniqueness is it's selling point. The rich want one-off art pieces it seems!

Anyhow I digress, basically i'm not really one for couture fashion. I like my clothes to be relatively within reach price wise. Although I do admire designer clothes I get more of a buzz about discovering a great item that's within my price range, be it high street or vintage.

I've looked at photos from the recent couture shows and the Dior one did strike a chord. It seemed the most wearable but most attractive to me was the structuring which was rather 1950's in style. I love the way the skirts are made to stick out at angles or fall in curves, it's rather akin to the full petticoats of the 50's period but more dramatic.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Joan Holloway (Mad Men)

I watched the first three episodes of Mad Men at the weekend, I had actually seen them some time ago but we have the whole of season 1 to get through so we thought it best to start from the beginning.

This show is like dress porn for me, I am literally drooling while watching it (probably quite annoying for the people I watch it with but nevermind!)

I'm slightly obsessed with the character of Joan Holloway and the actress who plays her (Christina Hendricks). Joan is a complete bitch and a bit of a maneater. Hendricks has the most amazing hourglass figure and auburn hair, she suits the character so well.

So above are a selection of images to prove my point....


Sunday, 25 January 2009

The pick of Office's new season...

The first pair at not really my style but I thought they were an interesting design and would look really nice in a maybe 1950's way with ankle length rolled up trousers and a red short sleeved sweater (I tried to recreate this on Polyvore but could find no decent trousers!). They're pricey at £65, I think Office have realised they can hike up their prices and people will still keep buying as they still don't have a real competitor :-(

The second are quite typically my style, they seem to have taken a template from a pair I already own, the only difference being that they have replace the perspex bow detail with a t bar strap. I think they're very cute but I am known to stray into quite childish (?) styles and these do remind me of children's shoes! I think they're actually called something like 'tiny tots' which makes the matter worse! These ones also come in pink and gold, I have a strange magpie like attraction to gold shoes but feel I would look a little ridiculous in these (although that's never stoppped me before ha)

The third pair I think are perfect for vintage dresses, particularly 1940's ones. The colour is really versatile and I like the slightly moc croc effect on the leather. I'm very tempted by these....again they're £65 though!

And last but most definitely not least this bowtastic pair, again I have an unexplained fascination with bows and bow decorated items so this pair seem like they have been made with me in mind. I only like them in black though, the other colours are a bit OTT (considering the 3 bow detail is a bit OTT in itself!)

So again, Office make me want to spend obscene amounts of money. Oh Dear.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

(Beauty Inspiration) Gene Tierney

'Leave Her to Heaven' was on Channel 4 today, I've seen it before on the same matinee slot but I ended up watching most of it again mostly because of Gene Tierney. Tierney stars as a unhinged possessive wife who resorts to murder. It's a typical noir and Tierney was nominated for an Oscar for her role. I'm blogging about her today as I just couldn't get over her face, she has such a clean beauty. I obviously really like the makeup and hair of the 1940's as well as the fashions and in this film her hair and makeup are gorgeous, I'd love to learn how to get 1940's waves in my hair!

The photos I have posted don't really get across how beautiful she is, I'd recommend the film to see her at her best and also obviously it's a good movie!

(photos from google)

Also on a 1940's theme, BBC4 has a whole season of fashion programming at the moment, I recommend the 1940's episode of 'style on trial' for some original 1940's footage and lots of info (see here, bbc iplayer)

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Have a look at the above (I admit badly done) collage... I've been after a cardigan in this style for quite a while but have yet to settle on one, mostly due to reasons of price and fitting. Searching on ebay usually turns up a couple but a lot of the original 1950's ones go for rather a lot, maybe £50 or so.

I've never been flush enough to splurge on one of the originals but find myself tempted by the two Topshop copies above (I'm guessing you'll know straight away which ones are the Topshop ones even though they're very in keeping with style!). I'm not sure why this is, perhaps its the security of knowing their sizes and knowing I can return it with ease or perhaps it's knowing that I'll have washing instructions so won't ruin it or spend loads on dry cleaning. Nevertheless I don't think I'll be buying. Why? Well they're just not as good as the originals! I'll have to hold out for one....

top left: here top right: here
bottom left: here bottom right: here

edit: I've just found what I presume to be a 1980's (doing 1950's) black cardigan on ebay and bought it for the total of a tenner, it's a risk but I'll see what it's like and if its bad I'll sell it on, I guess thats one bonus of ebay!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Recent Purchases and Gifts

Whew a bit of a break from blogging but I have been busy erm well doing typical holiday things i.e. being rather lazy!

Here are some things that have come my way recently....
(present from my sister)

Ivana Helsinki for Topshop cardigan (reduced to £30 from £50)

Topshop 2 tone heart bag

Topshop Prom Dress but in BLACK (reduced to £25)

1950's shirtwaister dress from Ebay (haven't received yet)
New Look Courts (needed some basic black shoes!)
(ordered, hopefully on their way soon but New Look delivery seems to be slightly chaotic!)

Ah quite a haul, and that's not even all of it , oh dear. I am craving more vintage but ebay seems rather quiet, I snapped up the shirt waister dress on buy it now as I was watching it a while ago but couldnt afford it and then happily it was relisted! I've seen a few things on etsy that have caught my fancy but haven't caved yet! I also invested in some tights from Tabio, they are by far the best tights I've come across in terms of comfort and variety of colours.

So yes the festive period has prompted a lot of spending - I need to reign it in again!