Saturday, 31 October 2009

Current Desire: A Fabulous Turban!

(Pics from Google images)

Earlier this year I went to a place called Lewes which is just outside of Brighton. Like Brighton it has quite a bohemian feel and as such had a rather lovely antique and second hand market.

At one of the stalls I tried on a fabulous turban, I fawned over it but in a moment of stupidity didn't buy it! (I was trying to be sensible, I wasn't sure where one would wear a turban...)

A few months ago I watched The Red Shoes and saw a turban on one of the characters; her black hair flowing out from under it (in my head you had to put all your hair in the turban but I've seen quite a few pictures with the hair outside).

And again recently while pouring over vintage Vogues in the library I've seen yet more and now I'm determined to get one!

I've also found that on etsy you can buy patterns for knitting your own turbans, see here , you can knit a matching muff as well!

(pic from etsy listing)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Back Very Soon!

I have proper internet in my new home as of today so blogging should start again imminently!

I got my hair done at Nina's hair parlour last week, I shall have to engineer some photos of my new do, still getting to grips with curling devices though!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Goodbye for now!

I'm moving tomorrow and likely to be without internet for quite a while as we need to reconnect the phone line, sob!

So this blog will be on a little hiatus, however I thought I'd just squeeze in yet more shoes I've discovered...

These Office shoes are very gorgeous. I just saw them in the shop window of my local store, they look even better in real life! They are rather high though so not sure if they're that practical...
Get them here for £65

I realise this blog is always full of shoes, I'm not sure how I became such a footwear fanatic :-S

Monday, 31 August 2009

Apologies again and black suede shoes!

Again I apologise for the lack in postings and unfortunately they will become a lot more sporadic as I am relocating in a week and starting my MA so I will be very busy and most likely without internet for quite a while! Not sure how I will cope!

Anyway I started this post a while ago so figured I would quickly post it, I'm on the hunt for black suede shoes....

These Chie Mihara shoes are absolutely amazing, 40's ish but with a modern touch, why do her shoes have to be so expensive though! (Well I know they're not Louboutin prices but they're still very much out of my price range)You can find them at here at ASOS, they're £235.

I like these Melissa shoes as well, these ones are still made out of rubber but they've got a flocked/suede like outer. Melissa are great if you're vegan/don't wear leather as well!

Not a great image but for a better look go to here, to Topshop where you can buy these for £75.

I'm also hankering after a cropped swing style jacket (these are the only kind that suit me, anything that hits my hips is very unflattering) but I can't quite find a picture of what I'm after, once autumn hits I'll start the search in earnest I think...

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Winter Suits!

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts!

I've been starting to wish for winter to kick in, I know, terrible isn't it?! I just detest being hot and like winter clothes far more than revealing flesh in the summer!

This autumn/winter I've been thinking about a suit. This is an impractical thought for many reasons, firstly I can't really afford one, secondly I'm likely only to have a part time job this coming year so not sure if I'd get much wear out of it and thirdly I'm not actually sure I could pull one off!

Nevertheless I keep looking at them!
Behold these examples, all active on Ebay UK at the moment...

Link here buy it now for £65 (love this, although the short sleeves might be impractical)

Link here (this one looks beautifully cut!)

Link here (Love the pleats!)

That's all for now! Happy suit hunting!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Hair Inspiration: Bangs but no Bettie Page!:

Paulette Goddard, above, looking insanely beautiful with bangs styled in a variety of ways

Barbara Stanwyck, again impossibly beautiful! I really need see Double Indemnity!

I have bangs (or a fringe as we in the UK know it!) and I don't want to grow it out. A lot of 1940's and 50's styles are bang-less so I wanted to showcase some lovely styles that did include bangs! The obvious example is Bettie Page but I think her look is over done somewhat, I like how soft and adaptable these styles are. I desperately need a hair cut, I trim my fringe myself and always do a bit of a botch job! I'm planning on going to Nina's Hair Parlour as soon as I move to London!

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The dress no one wanted...

I was becoming a bit desperate for money and decided I was going to part with one of my 1940's evening dresses. I dutifully photographed it and up it went on ebay. However it appeared that no one wanted it...well one person wanted it and put in an offer of £18....cheeky or what!

I'm keeping it now, I tried it on again (I didn't want to before in case it made me want to keep it!) It fit's perfectly so I'm glad to keep it although I could use the cash!

Here's the ebay pic, it looks big there but it's actually a 12 on my tiny half manikin (I'm not so good at pinning it seems)

It has the most beautiful buttons and sash, I just need to go out more so I can actually wear it!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

That most joyful yet depressing of things: The Wish List! (Part 2!)

I'd really like most of the remix vintage shoes site personally delivered to me...

They're not cheap unfortunately but one day.....

Actual vintage clothing: I'd rather like some 1940's cardigans but can't really find any! I'm contemplating asking my nan to knit me one although I'm not sure she likes knitting that much nowadays :-S

These are all from this site where you can buy patterns. The models in those pictures are so tiny!

Dresses: I'd like some cotton 40's dresses for everday, some spectacular 30's dresses (not sure where I'd wear them though...)

30's dress, perhaps something like this
40's dress, perhaps not for everday but wow!

I think I've had enough of torturing myself now...

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

That most joyful yet depressing of things: The Wish List! (Part 1)

At the moment I am unemployed and very poor. Hopefully this will be relatively temporary. But I'm planning to do a full time MA in September so don't think I'll be swimming in money...

Whenever I'm without something I can't stop thinking about it, one example is missing out on a pair of shoes I really wanted and being haunted each time I get dressed imagining them looking lovely with my outfits... Actually to deviate slightly if anyone has these Office shoes in a size 6 or 7 I would be happy to take them off your hands ha ha

Anyway to get back on topic, the reason for this post is to show my current wish list whether I'd be able to purchase these items or not they're going on the list... and while I carry on thinking about my chronic lack of funds this wish list will serve to feed my obsession even more! I doubt this is a good thing but never mind!

OK to start with: Underwear/Hosiery!

All images and products from What Katie Did Lingerie

The bra and stockings are from the CC09 range. The stockings are much higher denier than normal stockings and are therefore much more wearable for everyday. I do like stockings but I ladder everything so I'd be willing to try these.

The corselette and girdle are from the Glamour shapewear range. I would perhaps get the corselette in black but the peach is seducing me at the moment!

Right onto Reproduction Dresses!
I almost sold my only stop staring dress the other day but changed my mind and ended up wearing it to my graduation!

These are all from Bettie Page ClothingThis one is from Stop Staring

This is just a small selection, there are many from both these companies that I covet!

Ok that's part 1. Part 2 to follow soon... (most likely actual vintage dresses and shoes)