Wednesday, 17 December 2008

More Style Shake....

Ok so here are some better images of my Style Shake designs (screen grabbing is the solution!). I'm now completely addicted to designing dresses (and the odd skirt)! I've done so many, have a look here. I decided to purchase one (below), I'm just so curious to see the results! Hopefully I will get it in time for new years. Of course I will report on it once it's here!
The dress cost £39 plus postage (a bit hefty at £7), but still the whole thing seems very well priced which obviously makes me suspicious as to the quality but we shall see!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Style Shake Fun

style shake designs by Gwendoline Curl

I actually did read about this site awhile ago but somehow didn't investigate it, but today I saw it featured on Catwalk Queen and gave it a better look! It's so much fun to design your own dresses, especially as you can add bows and peter pan collars to all of them! I'm very tempted to order one of my designs; the prices are very reasonable. I cannot decide which though! There are limited colours at the moment but they are bringing in more on a most votes basis, I voted for navy and teal as a navy dress would be so lovely (I do have quite a few but not designed by myself!)

Friday, 12 December 2008

Lusted for Sweater

whistles sweater by Gwendoline Curl

I love this Whistles jumper! As I blogged earlier, Whistles' collection this season is ticking all my boxes and as predicted many items are now reduced (not much of a prediction considering my inbox is full of emails from clothings stores proclaiming sales or discount days!). The prices are still a little out of my league but maybe they will sink further. The Sweater is now £47.47 and the skirt is now £85.47. The shoes are Miu Miu, the gloves Mulberry and the bag of course is Chanel, all far far too pricey for my budget but Polyvore inspires me to go a bit crazy!

This would probably be my dream Christmas day outfit, but I imagine I'll probably be in something comfy as I'll have car journeys and massive meals to contend with!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

A great flickr for vintage fans

Vogue 1939
Originally uploaded by myvintagevogue
'My Vintage Vogue' is an awesome collection of fashion photographs ranging from the 20's to early 60's. There are so many inspirational photos, this one is particularly amazing and from 1939 which is odd as it looks typical 50's!

Check it out! (click on the photo to go to the flickr site!)