Saturday, 30 August 2008

I am very lucky...

As my mum bought me these today.

They go so well with my 1940's dresses!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Bloomer Update

Alas my Bloomers came today but they are not quite right :-( They're far too baggy at the stomach in a quite unflattering fashion. So unfortunately they will be sent back today, perhaps it is for the best as I can't really justify spending 17.50 on knickers! I will have to stick to my Dorothy gingham ones for now!

In other news I really want to buy new shoes.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

I wish....

H&M did online shopping. Not only so I could buy their clothes without leaving the house but because on the rare occasion I do splurge in there I could blog easily what I have bought!

Anyway I recently did break my self imposed shopping ban and did splurge in H&M oops. I feel a little guilty as I am trying to be good and buy second hand plus I shouldn't be spending money. However I really needed to er 'update my look' however ridiculous that sounds but I was just getting sick of my vintage dresses (god forbid but unfortunately it has happened!)

I will have to take some pictures the next time I wear my purchases out as posing in my house just doesn't cut it and I feel ridiculous!!

Basically I bought 2 items which are rather short. A lot shorter than I would normally wear and I was at risk of flashing my derriere to all and sundry. My solution to this was to wear some splendid what katie did gingham knickers, pictured below. They have great bum coverage and looked pretty with my pink skirt! I wore white tights underneath in a kind of superman style ha ha! This set is currently in the sale at the site!

These bloomers would have been even better and I am still very tempted by them however in the end I have purchased the black satin version (the last picture) as I think these will be more versatile to wear under my new short items! What Katie Did is a great vintage reproduction lingerie site, I've bought bullet bras and other bits from there and the quality is very good.
These bloomers should be with me soon so I'll have to try out their suitability and report back. I know a lot of people wear hotpants under short things but I'm not really that sort of girl plus I really like big pants! They are also good for wearing over a suspender belt which I think is what has been done in the photo, I think it looks really nice and would definitely make me get more use out of my suspender belt.

I'd gotten out of the habit of looking at underwear sites but suddenly I find myself creeping back...dear me.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I am back after an extended holiday. I am now unemployed after my current work decided they didn't need us lowly temps anymore. Ah well.

Anyway on to more exciting things.....Ireland (my holiday destination)

(photo courtesy of my friend Eleanor )

That is me in a 1950's dress, white tights and vintage brogues. The area we visited was beautiful and I got to look after three cats for a week (I am a cat obsessive but cannot have my own!)

(all my photos)

It was a lovely break but the real world has returned with vengeance. Clothing myself has had to take a back seat due to financial worries about my last year of uni. I am going to be job free for the rest of the holidays so I can concentrate on reading for my dissertation and illustration work. This situation does not leave me with much in the way of surplus funds unfortunately. But we shall see.... I am selling clothes on ebay to make some cash and if this goes well I shall perhaps treat myself to something!

Office has some lovely offerings this coming season which have already been tempting me terribly!

This is just a selection of the pairs I am lusting after....perhaps if I buy one pair a month for the next few months.....hmm.