Friday, 12 December 2008

Lusted for Sweater

whistles sweater by Gwendoline Curl

I love this Whistles jumper! As I blogged earlier, Whistles' collection this season is ticking all my boxes and as predicted many items are now reduced (not much of a prediction considering my inbox is full of emails from clothings stores proclaiming sales or discount days!). The prices are still a little out of my league but maybe they will sink further. The Sweater is now £47.47 and the skirt is now £85.47. The shoes are Miu Miu, the gloves Mulberry and the bag of course is Chanel, all far far too pricey for my budget but Polyvore inspires me to go a bit crazy!

This would probably be my dream Christmas day outfit, but I imagine I'll probably be in something comfy as I'll have car journeys and massive meals to contend with!


Penny said...

that would be such a cute outfit! x

mallis said...

Looks like the perfect christmas day outfit. But probably not the most comfortable after all that food.

Like your blog btw

Death Stares said...

Thanks :-)