Thursday, 16 July 2009

Decades of fashion: the 1930's

I've been thinking over the past few days how I seem to become enamoured with a particular decade and then switch to another seemingly on a whim! I have been dedicated to 1950's clothes for quite a while now, particularly for the summer as breezy 50's cotton dresses are relatively easy to wear! However I seem to be drifting backwards again first falling for 1940's summer/house dresses which I find very charming for some reason...

Now I've been tempted back even further to the 1930's, this has been prompted by my seeing the film Public Enemies last night (well worth a watch for a big Hollywood film, and not just for the clothes!)

I like the cut of these clothes and the lovely portrait collars, the hem length also is appealing to me. In the summer I think long hems are harder to wear than in the winter but that still hasn't stopped me thinking about trying to wear more 1930's styles.

So this leads to the issue on where to find 1930's gems. Looking on US ebay led to a few possibilities but prices are high and condition understandably not perfect. However I then remembered a dear old internet friend, Revamp Vintage . This site makes reproduction clothing from many decades, here are some of the 1930's designs

from the top: Hope, Pepper and Daisy dresses. These are all around the $150 -200 mark :-( Pricey but fantastic. I think they'd be worth saving for!

I'll keep checking ebay to see if I can come across any bargains though....


LandGirlontheHomeFront said...

I know what you mean...I'm finding myself drawn to the 30s, too. These are fantastic choices from reVamp. Here's hoping a whole truckload of 'em show up on Ebay ;)

Kathryn said...


Yes, my obsessive ebay searching has been upped a notch!