Monday, 13 December 2010

'Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful....'

I've re-launched the blog with a bit of a makeover! This past year has been so hectic with studying for my Masters, I just didn't have time to devote to the blog. Hopefully, now I've just handed in my thesis, I will have some more time to post (as well as do some much needed job-hunting!).

Anyway the topic of this post is winter boots! Each year the search for warm shoes or boots that actually fit with my wardrobe mostly ends in disaster or resorting to freezing feet and ankles...

This year I invested in these from Office:

I chose them because they reminded me a bit of 1950s galoshes like these from Etsy:

Or these (also from Etsy):

I've never been tempted to buy galoshes partly because all my shoes have different heels and I'm not sure  if they'd actually fit over any of them!

Other boot styles I thought would fit well with mid length dresses are these (from Office but sold out online except for size 3!):
I like the crepe sole, which has been around more this season, it gives the boots more of a 'retro' feel.

Lastly these from Clarks which have been out of stock for ages but are now back in!

I think they'd go really nicely with 1940s and 50s styles and they also have a crepe sole. 

That's it for now! More post to come soon...

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