Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The dress I wore on a sunny beach day....

Such satisfying colours. I have tried in vain to avoid checks after an avalanche of plaid shirts has covered the UK. I started to feel a faint rage welling up in me as I traipsed the Brighton streets in my usual haste and repeatedly found myself staring in to the back of yet another of those bloody shirts.

Anyway, I deviate. I will still allow myself my fill of checks and when in such autumnal hues I could hardly resist. A peter pan collar, almost 3/4 length sleeves and in breezy cotton. Perfect. I only wish the waist were a litte larger as it is quite snug however I am working on trimming my waist so hopefully it will be a perfect fit soon.

Although the dress looks like a perfect example of 1950's daywear, I can't help thinking it's actually of a later age. The condition is just too pristine and the colours very bright. It could in fact be 1970's/80's but I just cannot be sure. I'm usually very good at ageing vintage clothes but this dress confuses me a little. Either way its a beauty.

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