Tuesday, 19 August 2008


I am back after an extended holiday. I am now unemployed after my current work decided they didn't need us lowly temps anymore. Ah well.

Anyway on to more exciting things.....Ireland (my holiday destination)

(photo courtesy of my friend Eleanor )

That is me in a 1950's dress, white tights and vintage brogues. The area we visited was beautiful and I got to look after three cats for a week (I am a cat obsessive but cannot have my own!)

(all my photos)

It was a lovely break but the real world has returned with vengeance. Clothing myself has had to take a back seat due to financial worries about my last year of uni. I am going to be job free for the rest of the holidays so I can concentrate on reading for my dissertation and illustration work. This situation does not leave me with much in the way of surplus funds unfortunately. But we shall see.... I am selling clothes on ebay to make some cash and if this goes well I shall perhaps treat myself to something!

Office has some lovely offerings this coming season which have already been tempting me terribly!

This is just a selection of the pairs I am lusting after....perhaps if I buy one pair a month for the next few months.....hmm.

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