Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Purchasing and Lusting

(from left to right, Oasis dress, dress and jacket, both Topshop)

I finally got the Oasis dress I had blogged about previously, it was reduced to £35!!! I ummed and aahed over it for hours, do I need it? can I afford it? The answer to both is probably no but I couldn't resist. I have promised myself that if it is not perfect once i've tried it on then I will return it! I may end up getting it altered as I am between sizes but a thin belt may remedy this.

Yesterday I also tried on the MiuMiu-tastic dress from Topshop, it is divine but £50 and rather short (nothing that some opaque tights couldn't cope with though!). I may still get my hands on it but I fear it will sell out as its such a catwalk copy; which is not something I'm particularly a fan of but I really admired the Miu Miu dresses of last season and would never be able to afford the original.

The jacket is something I actually need, it would be better with full length sleeves! It's not in my local store so I can't try it on, it looks like it would be a flattering fit though.

I was going to make a post about some ebay finds but pickings are so slim, last night when I was debating the Oasis dress I went on both UK and US ebay to see if I could find anything vintage that I would rather have but there really wasn't a lot. Maybe my taste is changing but I am struggling to find exceptional dresses...maybe they've all been bought!


Penny said...

oohh i love peter pan collars, they are so sweet! topshop do have great stuff but their prices are ridiculous!

Vintage Darling said...

i love the dresses, we have the same taste. and by the way, thank you for the pretty comment on my blog!