Thursday, 2 October 2008

A tale of two Dresses!

My planned day of immense amounts of drawing has all been a dress!

Yes, the coveted Oasis dress arrived this morning and I tried it on a few times and was generally quite happy with it. I then settled down to work.....but I thought it was only right that I double check the dress was perfect before putting it in my wardrobe...

This is where the problem started. The Zip. It just kept getting stuck! It had been a bit tricky this morning but now it just refused to budge. I took it off and tried it, it did up fine as long as it was pulled at the right angle, however the angle with which I needed to pull it to do it up just made the zip get completely stuck with or without me in it!

So I debated, I could get a nice sturdy zip put in it but that would cost quite a bit and I was only buying this because I was getting it at a bargain price. I realised maybe it just wasn't right for me. I very very rarely wear strapless dresses and I did feel a bit WAGed up in it, it was short and left my shoulders and back bare.

In the end the dress was returned. I am closing the book on this bloody dress!

However all is not lost. I trotted up to Topshop and bought the Miu Miu-esque dress. I tried it on again, (again the zip was a little sticky but nowhere near as bad as the oasis one and I unzipped and zipped it about 10 times to check it was ok!) and thought it was still great, short yes but the high neckline and collar make it demure. I also think I could wear this dress in the day as well as for evenings out.

I'm going to try and keep the dress stored in my wardrobe until the rush has died down on it, then I will bring it out in its full glory!

P.S High street sizing charts are useless, the size of the dress was significantly smaller than their size chart states it should be, was ok for me as I thought the dress would be a bit too big, but anyway. No more on the dress. Ever.


Penny Lane said...

oh no, small details like that is always what lets high street shops down. from previous experience i have found topshop to be quite poor too, like plastic heels instead of rubber, dodgy seams etc its unfortunate because their stuff is so nice!

Death Stares said...

I know, and they charge so much too! I'd much rather have a vintage dress for those prices, even if they're 50+ years old they're still sturdier than high street offerings!