Monday, 10 August 2009

Hair Inspiration: Bangs but no Bettie Page!:

Paulette Goddard, above, looking insanely beautiful with bangs styled in a variety of ways

Barbara Stanwyck, again impossibly beautiful! I really need see Double Indemnity!

I have bangs (or a fringe as we in the UK know it!) and I don't want to grow it out. A lot of 1940's and 50's styles are bang-less so I wanted to showcase some lovely styles that did include bangs! The obvious example is Bettie Page but I think her look is over done somewhat, I like how soft and adaptable these styles are. I desperately need a hair cut, I trim my fringe myself and always do a bit of a botch job! I'm planning on going to Nina's Hair Parlour as soon as I move to London!


LandGirlontheHomeFront said...

Oh, I adore both Paulette Goddard and Barbara Stanwyck and I agree with you about the Betty Page bangs. Hope you post pics of your new do! I'd love to see the results!


Little Miss B said...

Thanks for this post, I'm thinking of getting a fringe cut and it's good to see some amazing examples.

Jitterbugdoll said...

Excellent post! I love 1940s fringe; you are right that everyone thinks of Bettie first, but Paulette and Barbara are both wonderful, earlier examples of a really pretty style.