Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentines Outfit

I know Valentines day is a bit lame, but I guess it's an excuse to dress nice and go and have something good to eat (Mexican = quite good, not amazing but oh well). This is my first proper outfit post. I feel rather unsure about posting pictures of one's self posing on the internet. It feels slightly narcissistic but I want to show the clothes so it will have to be done!

I am wearing my Styleshake dress! I have two now and I'm really pleased with them. I should possibly have it smaller at the waist but I don't like things too tight fitting and would rather wear a belt to cinch them in. I also have on a New Look bow hairband, Topshop heart bag and Marks and Spencers seamed tights (they're 40 denier with a kind of knitted seam). The shoes are cheap mary janes from Peacocks.

That is all for now!


Caitie Harri said...

Thats the cutest dress I've seen in ages, you have such good taste.

I've just lost half an hour on that website debating over sleeve styles. :)

What's the quality like? I'm guessing good if you've bought two.

I'll have to award myself with one once I've met all my deadlines.


noelle chantal said...

the dress looks great on you. i esp like the cut of the dress and it def looks great over blacks. your outfit says it all. happy heart's day to you! :)

metropolis said...

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We really love your style and the StyleShake dress look amazing we really like that you have created a real vintage inspired piece.

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Penny said...

your outfit is gorrgeous, i love everything about it!
what is the material like for the style shake dress? are they quite good quality? x

Charlotte said...

narcissistic sure but you look lovely. when did you get those tights?! need! x

Atomic Mama said...

you look terribly adorable!!