Sunday, 29 March 2009

Looking ahead to summer

Ok I handed in a big chunk of my degree work on friday so have a little more time to blog, at least for a while before things get hectic again.

Each year I ponder swimsuits, So I thought I'd present my research so far on vintage style suits...

Toast Magenta Bather £65

BHS large spot swimsuit from £22
Jasmine Guiness for Oli ruched suit £29.36
Jasmine Guiness for Oli heart suit £30Oli Polka Dot suit in red and black £30

So a decent selection so far. The budget options, the Oli and BHS suits are pretty nice designs if a little too much with the polka dots however I think summer makes polka dots more acceptable... The more expensive options are unfortunately my favourite ones, I do have a Toast high waisted bikini but it is a bit big :-( plus I think my stomach needs to be covered! I like the magenta bather best but £65 is quite a lot when my only swimming options are Brighton beach. The what katie did one looks gorgeous too and looks to be a flattering fit, again it's rather expensive, but a swimsuit is a bit of an investment if you take care of it.

Of course it would be great to get an actual vintage swimsuit but I always seem to be a bit unlucky with them, they're always too big or too small. I will start searching on ebay in the coming months but there are also issues with how sellers measure suits and how much stretch a suit has considering it's age.

I realise this post is a little premature but I figured I'd end up forgetting about the suits I'd found when it actually comes round to the time of buying one!

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lovely post :-) thanks for sharing.