Thursday, 22 January 2009

(Beauty Inspiration) Gene Tierney

'Leave Her to Heaven' was on Channel 4 today, I've seen it before on the same matinee slot but I ended up watching most of it again mostly because of Gene Tierney. Tierney stars as a unhinged possessive wife who resorts to murder. It's a typical noir and Tierney was nominated for an Oscar for her role. I'm blogging about her today as I just couldn't get over her face, she has such a clean beauty. I obviously really like the makeup and hair of the 1940's as well as the fashions and in this film her hair and makeup are gorgeous, I'd love to learn how to get 1940's waves in my hair!

The photos I have posted don't really get across how beautiful she is, I'd recommend the film to see her at her best and also obviously it's a good movie!

(photos from google)

Also on a 1940's theme, BBC4 has a whole season of fashion programming at the moment, I recommend the 1940's episode of 'style on trial' for some original 1940's footage and lots of info (see here, bbc iplayer)


Penny said...

noooo! it's photos like this that make me kick myself for cutting my fringe back in! absolutely gorgeous.

i watched that episode of style on trial when it was on telly, and i just got really annoyed with laurence llewellyn bowen. what the hell does he know about vintage fashion?!?!!! and he kept saying everything was really "sexual". urggh sorry rant over, just hate that guy!! loved the little clips though!

Bunny said...