Monday, 26 January 2009

Joan Holloway (Mad Men)

I watched the first three episodes of Mad Men at the weekend, I had actually seen them some time ago but we have the whole of season 1 to get through so we thought it best to start from the beginning.

This show is like dress porn for me, I am literally drooling while watching it (probably quite annoying for the people I watch it with but nevermind!)

I'm slightly obsessed with the character of Joan Holloway and the actress who plays her (Christina Hendricks). Joan is a complete bitch and a bit of a maneater. Hendricks has the most amazing hourglass figure and auburn hair, she suits the character so well.

So above are a selection of images to prove my point....


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Caitie Harri said...

Great minds..

I couldn't agree more, about the show being dress porn.

I just posted about Joan too.

lovely blog :)