Sunday, 25 January 2009

The pick of Office's new season...

The first pair at not really my style but I thought they were an interesting design and would look really nice in a maybe 1950's way with ankle length rolled up trousers and a red short sleeved sweater (I tried to recreate this on Polyvore but could find no decent trousers!). They're pricey at £65, I think Office have realised they can hike up their prices and people will still keep buying as they still don't have a real competitor :-(

The second are quite typically my style, they seem to have taken a template from a pair I already own, the only difference being that they have replace the perspex bow detail with a t bar strap. I think they're very cute but I am known to stray into quite childish (?) styles and these do remind me of children's shoes! I think they're actually called something like 'tiny tots' which makes the matter worse! These ones also come in pink and gold, I have a strange magpie like attraction to gold shoes but feel I would look a little ridiculous in these (although that's never stoppped me before ha)

The third pair I think are perfect for vintage dresses, particularly 1940's ones. The colour is really versatile and I like the slightly moc croc effect on the leather. I'm very tempted by these....again they're £65 though!

And last but most definitely not least this bowtastic pair, again I have an unexplained fascination with bows and bow decorated items so this pair seem like they have been made with me in mind. I only like them in black though, the other colours are a bit OTT (considering the 3 bow detail is a bit OTT in itself!)

So again, Office make me want to spend obscene amounts of money. Oh Dear.

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the freelancer's fashionblog said...

yes, yes, yes and yes!
I have a pair really similar to the third ones, only different is the leather is smooth, without the reptile effect. Tey're nice! Like the fist pair too, but the same with me, not really my everyday style. I'd be happy to ownthe bowy ones!! Mmmmm...