Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Have a look at the above (I admit badly done) collage... I've been after a cardigan in this style for quite a while but have yet to settle on one, mostly due to reasons of price and fitting. Searching on ebay usually turns up a couple but a lot of the original 1950's ones go for rather a lot, maybe £50 or so.

I've never been flush enough to splurge on one of the originals but find myself tempted by the two Topshop copies above (I'm guessing you'll know straight away which ones are the Topshop ones even though they're very in keeping with style!). I'm not sure why this is, perhaps its the security of knowing their sizes and knowing I can return it with ease or perhaps it's knowing that I'll have washing instructions so won't ruin it or spend loads on dry cleaning. Nevertheless I don't think I'll be buying. Why? Well they're just not as good as the originals! I'll have to hold out for one....

top left: here top right: here
bottom left: here bottom right: here

edit: I've just found what I presume to be a 1980's (doing 1950's) black cardigan on ebay and bought it for the total of a tenner, it's a risk but I'll see what it's like and if its bad I'll sell it on, I guess thats one bonus of ebay!

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