Thursday, 29 January 2009

Dior Couture s/s 09

(photos from catwalk queen)

I watched a programme on Couture on BBC4 the other week. It was really interesting, it focused mainly on trying to discover who exactly these people were who were able to buy these insanely expensive clothes. Hardly any of them agreed to appear on camera except the relative newcomers who were mostly American. It seems like such a cliquey world, but I understand that such a specialised traditional way of producing clothes needs this exclusivity to survive - it's exclusivity and uniqueness is it's selling point. The rich want one-off art pieces it seems!

Anyhow I digress, basically i'm not really one for couture fashion. I like my clothes to be relatively within reach price wise. Although I do admire designer clothes I get more of a buzz about discovering a great item that's within my price range, be it high street or vintage.

I've looked at photos from the recent couture shows and the Dior one did strike a chord. It seemed the most wearable but most attractive to me was the structuring which was rather 1950's in style. I love the way the skirts are made to stick out at angles or fall in curves, it's rather akin to the full petticoats of the 50's period but more dramatic.

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Penny said...

i love looking at couture runway shows, i treat it like a make believe world and pick out things that i would wear if i was going to the oscars or something!!

....i think i need to get a life! haha